Oh, What a week!

This week has been one very busy week for everyone in school. The Year 2 children started the week on Monday with a Bolsover Cluster singing even,t at the Winding wheel, in Chesterfield. On Tuesday our Reception Children visited Bolsover Castle and have a fantastic time looking around. On Wednesday parents were invited to attend our Spanish breakfast. Reception children also worked with our catering department to learn about Fruit, in our fruit roadshow, they even made fruit smoothies. On Thursday our Nursery staff held our open evening  for new children starting Nursery in Spetember. On Friday our Year 2 children have been visited by the Year 3 teacher from the Junior schools and have walked up to the Juniors for their Assembly. Finally our Dadding about group have had a fantastic Fathers’ Day celebration making Daddy Day Dodgems. WOW What a week!


  1. Kerry kiwacz Said,

    June 17, 2016@ 6:06 pm      Reply

    Xander has had a fantastic week and has something exciting to tell us every day. He loved his dadding about dodgem.

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