Sports Relief 2016

Children had great fun on Friday, doing their part for Sports Relief. Nursery and Reception children enjoyed the sponsored walk to Hornscroft park and especially enjoyed the ‘Paint Waddle’ on their return. Key Stage 1 children had a fabulous time taking part in the ‘Sports Relief Tough Mudder’ event and all managed to go home cover in paint. Early indicators show that the school has raised over £1500 so far in sponsors. This money will be split between the school and Sports Relief. The children will be spending the school money on outdoor play equipment for playtime. Thank you to everyone who got involved, by attending or sponsoring, and a great big thank you to the staff who worked hard planning and arranging the event.

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  1. Abigail's mum Said,

    March 21, 2016@ 3:45 pm      Reply

    It was muddy – and it was good! Said Abigail

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