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French Breakfast

Today many families visited school early to be served a ‘French Breakfast’ by the school catering department. The families were served Viennoiseries (Pastries) of Croissant or Brioche or Baguette, all served with Buevie (butter), Confiture (jam) and Boissons Chaudes (Hot Drinks) of Chocolat Chaud (Hot Chocolate) or Café (coffee). Everyone had a lovely time and […]


Chinese New Year

This week we have celebrated the Chinese new year in school. Yesterday, Thursday 19th February, main school children were treated to a Chinese New Year Themed school dinner. The children were offered chicken sweet and sour, with rice or noddle’s, vegetable Spring rolls, prawn crackers and stir fry vegetables accompanied by Mandarin Cow House Dairy […]

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Finishing what we started…

Today, 5th February, our children have finished filming for new our learning film, which we started in the summer of 2014. The film has been edited, since then, and it was felt that more screen shots were needed. Our’ Creative Partners’ joined us today, so that we could finish shooting the footage and get the film finished. […]


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