Oh, What a week!

This week has been one very busy week for everyone in school. The Year 2 children started the week on Monday with a Bolsover Cluster singing even,t at the Winding wheel, in Chesterfield. On Tuesday our Reception Children visited Bolsover Castle and have a fantastic time looking around. On Wednesday parents were invited to attend our Spanish breakfast. Reception children also worked with our catering department to learn about Fruit, in our fruit roadshow, they even made fruit smoothies. On Thursday our Nursery staff held our open evening  for new children starting Nursery in Spetember. On Friday our Year 2 children have been visited by the Year 3 teacher from the Junior schools and have walked up to the Juniors for their Assembly. Finally our Dadding about group have had a fantastic Fathers’ Day celebration making Daddy Day Dodgems. WOW What a week!

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Enterprise Cake Sale

Thank you to all those families who took part in our Enterprise cake sale this week. The children all spoke of how much they loved baking at home and really enjoyed having the opportunity to visit our cake sale.


We could clearly see, from the creativity of the cakes, people had spent so much time and effort in making the buns, with the children and the children were eager to share with their friends, which buns they had made/brought to school. We were overwhelmed by the amount of buns received and very grateful.


The children all had an opportunity to visit the shop, choose their buns and pay for them. They were also involved in enterprise work in the classrooms, including working as a team and product service and design. The children had a lovely day.


The rest of the cakes have been on sale at the end of Wednesday and Thursday and have raised the grand total of £203 for school funds.


This money will used to support learning, in the classroom, and give children opportunities that they would otherwise be unable to experience.


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Joining the ‘A Team’!

This week we have seen many A Team badges handed out in Assembly. 14 children have been given badges for making a difference in their school, by applying to be a lunchtime Monitor. These children include:
Year 1
Harvey Deville
Abigail Fretwell
Lucas Britton
Eira Magbanua
Joshua Boston
Harry Carr
Molly Smith
Year 2
Freya Morris
Grace Abel
Laila Mitchell
Zara Foster
Ryan Brocklesby
Thomas Malia
Alysha Ingleton
We have also given out A team badges to those children who have shared their thoughts and ideas about learning with the school. These include:
Lucas Britton
Fynley Wallage
Ben Kelly
Tammy Harpin
Ethan Robinson
Max Gilberthorpe
Skye Yates
Oliver Sigona
Hannah Thorpe
Kieran Wyatt
Rebecca Charity
Keegan Palmer

Well Done Everyone

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Easter Hat Parade

Thank you to those parents that was able to join the Easter Hat parade this week. The children enjoyed showing off their hats. All of the children’s hats were fabulous and the Parents and Friends have asked us to pass on their thanks for those children and parents who joined in the fun. Parents and friends have raised over £600 with their Easter fundraising this term.

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Goodbye and Good Luck Mrs Palmer

Today we have said a fond Farewell to ‘Our Queenie’ Mrs Palmer. We hope you all enjoyed our impromptu Flash Mob for her yesterday, I know she did. Today, in Assembly, Mrs Palmer showed great restrain through the Queen’s speech and a visit from her royal servants and specifically enjoyed the cream tea and watching her movie, we managed the whole assembly without a tear (not that the other staff did!).

We would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Palmer as she moves into her retirement. Mrs Palmer has worked in school for a long time, firstly as a parent helper, a teaching assistant and more recently as a teacher (for 11 years). We will miss Mrs Palmer’s cheery disposition and positive nature. However, Mrs Palmer is leaving behind her a better school, for having worked here for all those years.

Thank you Mrs Palmer from all of the parents and children here at Bolsover Infant and Nursery School, past and present and please do not be a stranger in the future. x

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Sports Relief 2016

Children had great fun on Friday, doing their part for Sports Relief. Nursery and Reception children enjoyed the sponsored walk to Hornscroft park and especially enjoyed the ‘Paint Waddle’ on their return. Key Stage 1 children had a fabulous time taking part in the ‘Sports Relief Tough Mudder’ event and all managed to go home cover in paint. Early indicators show that the school has raised over £1500 so far in sponsors. This money will be split between the school and Sports Relief. The children will be spending the school money on outdoor play equipment for playtime. Thank you to everyone who got involved, by attending or sponsoring, and a great big thank you to the staff who worked hard planning and arranging the event.

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International Week and French Breakfast

This week we have all taken part in lots of International Learning, as part of our International Week. Children have learnt, as part of International Day, about Fairness and Equality. Across school children have visited a range of churches, as well as working together to learn about fair trade bananas, sharing and turn taking. Many families also made an early start of Thursday to join us for our French breakfast. The breakfast was a great success and the children were very grateful for their parents attending with them. Thank you to the ladies in catering for making it possible.

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A busy term for school sport!

This term has   definitely been a busy few weeks for school sport here at Bolsover Infant and Nursery School. A group of our Fabulous Key Stage 1 children headed of to Arkwright to take part in ‘The Spirit of the Games’, they had a fab time and enjoyed such activities as Bocha and Ozbox. A group of our key stage 1 Zumba children visited chesterfield to take part in a ‘Key Stage 1 Dance Festival’ and Year 1 and 2 children this week took part in a RuggerEd taster session and children have had an opportunity to continue with this experience in a Lunchtime RuggerEd club. all of this fabulous work has this week been celebrated externally as we have been presented with the Gold School Sports Award. This is to celebrate all the fabulous work we undertake around school sport and to recognise all the hard work both children and staff put in to ensure every has lots of opportunities to be active. Well done to everyone involved with school Sport here at Bolsover Infant and Nursery School.


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Open Evening

We would like to say a huge thank you to all those parents that attended our Parents Open Evening, on Wednesday 2nd March 2016. Attendance was high and we felt the event was really positive. Parents had an opportunity to think about and discuss how to help keep their child stay safe, how they can support them in being happy and healthy and develop their learning skills so that they can be successful. They also had an opportunity to ‘Meet the magician’, practice their goals scoring and develop their bag of dreams. As part of this event parents and children had an opportunity to share their dreams for the future of the school. We are very grateful to those parents who took part and we be ensuring those parents dreams are part of the future plans for the school. A great event!

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Enterprise Day

This week the children have enjoyed taking part in our Enterprise day. The children have had an opportunity to develop their enterprise and financial skills, moving their learning on from
last term. They also had an opportunity to join in our Enterprise market, which this term focused on a book sale. Children brought in their pre-loved books and swapped them for those brought in by other children. The children enjoyed having an opportunity to visit the market and buy their books. The Market raised £105.50 which will used to buy the children outdoor toys.


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